Monday, April 29, 2013

Biggest winner of the 2013 NFL Draft

The biggest winner of the 203 NFL Draft
You can’t really judge a draft class until at least 4 years but the biggest winner in our opinion of this draft is the Sanfrancisco 49ners

1 49ners – The 49ners came into the draft with the most picks and in our opinion came out with the most potential impact players Eric Reid is an
athletic hard hitting safety who fits the Dashon Goldson mode they also selected 2 athletic pass rushers in Tank Carradine and Corey Lemonier who will be rotation Players that will help Aldon and Justin Smith on the edge and Quinton Patton is an wr who runs very good routes and can beat press coverage could challenge for the number 3 wr spot and they got two high upside low risk rewards in the athletic Vance McDonald and Marcus Lattimore.

Biggest Reaches in the 1st round of the 2013 NFL Draft

Biggest reaches in the first round
1 Bills 16th overall pick E.J Manuel E.J Manuel has all the physical tools he is tall athletic fast big arm and can make all the throws but he has constantly underachieved at FSU and failed to show up in big games and how the draft ended up going qbs like Geno Smith Ryan Nassib and Matt Barkley would have been there in the 2nd round and the Bills wouldn’t have had to reach to take Manuel.
2 Cowboys 31th overall pick Travis Frederick – The Cowboys had a very interesting 1st round they
traded down  with the 49ners from the 18th pick to 31st pick and only got a third round pick from the 49ners while passing on players such as Sharif Floyd and Eric Reid 2 players who would have been good fits in Dallas new Tampa 2 defense Monte Kiffin will be running they also passed up on Matt Elam on the 31st pick to take a Center Travis Frederick who most scouts called an third round prospect.
3 Bears 20th overall pick Kyle Long- Long is a very good athlete for an offensive linemen and has strong blood lines son of hall of famer Howie Long brother of probowler Chris long but Long is still somewhat a project even for a team needy of offensive linemen like the Bears are as Long became a starter at Oregon for the first time last season.

Monday, April 8, 2013

DeAndre Hopkins NFL draft profile

DeAndre Hopkins
6”1 214
4.41 40 time
36 inch vertical
Pros Physical wr who plays much bigger than his size is a very good route runner gets off press coverage very well has strong hands has  the ability to get a lot of yac is only 20 so he has plenty of upside
Cons doesn’t have the greatest size you look for in number 1 wrs ran a 4.41 at his pro day but still doesn’t play with tremendous speed

NFL Comparison Roddy White Hakeem nicks like these 2 top wrs Hopkins plays bigger than his size and has great hands and easily beat
s press coverage could end up being the best wr in this class

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dontone Jones

Dontone Jones

4.8 40
31.5 Inch Vertical
 Strengths  NFL ready body is vertical can play in the 4-3 and 3-4 scheme can be an edge rusher or rush from the inside plays with great leverage has a very good power rush and has good hands gets off of blocks well is a tenacious player who has leadership qualities.
Weakness is he a defensive end or defensive tackle while he is a very good athlete he isn’t a traditional speed rusher can be redirected easily when rushing straight at the qb doesn’t have long arms most edge rushers have

NFL Comparison Michael Bennett / Laroyi Glover Jones like
Bennett is a big defensive end who can rush from the inside in my opinion Jones will be an impact player especially against the run and has enough athleticism and strength to get a ton of pressure and hits on the qb and has the talent to turn into a Laroyi Glover inside pass rusher

Barkevious Mingo NFL draft profile

Barkevious Mingo DE/OLB

4.53 40
37 Inch Vertical
Strengths Extremely explosive off the edge the most athletic dlinemen in this year’s class is tall and has great length is more physical than his body would say has tremendous upside could easily produce multiple double digit sack seasons
Weakness Is very thin so there are questions if he is big enough to be a full time defensive end  won’t be much of a factor in the run relies too much on his athleticism doesn’t have great pass rush moves

NFL Comparison Aldon Smith Kabeer Gbaja Biamila If Mingo is an outside lb. in a 3-4
system he has Aldon smith upside an can be a pass rush monster coming off the edge like Smith if he is in a 4-3 defensive end I think he could be a Kabeer Gbaja Biamila speed rusher who won’t contribute much in the run because of lack of size but has the burst to be a great pass rush specialist