Friday, March 15, 2013

Top 100 players in baseball

31 Stephan Strasburg- Only Justin Verlander can match Strasburg repertoire of pitches he can hit 100 mph easily a great change up and great curve ball the Nationals ended his season early to protect their most prized player and he still won 15 games and struck out more than 195 batters the Nationals will let the handcuffs loose a little bit this year so he should win at least 16 games while striking out over 200 batters to go along with a good era.
32 Joe Mauer Seems like Mauer has been around forever yet he still isn’t 30 Mauer won’t provide great power but he is still a great hitter who hits for a high average and is a gold glove catcher
33 Curtis Granderson  Has become a pull hitter at new Yankee stadium the last 2 years he has hit over 40 hrs he will miss some time but should be back in May and when he comes back he will hit hrs steal some bases and strike out to go with above average play in center field.
34 Roy Halladay Is known for his durability but last year Halliday was on the D.l and infective for his standards when he pitched if healthy Halliday is still a dominant pitcher who goes deep in to games and has a plethora of ways to get hitters out.
35 Justin Upton was third in mvp voting in 2011 and now he was traded to the Braves to join his brother and Jason Heyward  Upton is a 2 time all start and is only 26 he is a great right fielder has speed and great power hasn’t tapped into his potential yet.
36 Adam Jones Adam Jones was the best player on the Orioles last season and he helped lead the orioles to the playoffs and he hit a career high 32 hrs Jones plays a great center field can hit for power and steal bases and is a player that is only getting better.
37 Dustin  Pedroia Pedroia had an injury filled 2012 season but if healthy he provides a scrappy hitter who gets doubles and has some power with a low strike out rate to go along with his great defense.
38 Carlos Gonzalez- was an all-star for the first time last season and he already is a former batting champion he has power and good speed is a terrific outfielder the only question about him is his home road splits when he isn’t hitting at Coors field.
39 Jacoby Ellsbury After finishing second in the A.L mvp ballot it looked like Ellsbury was ready to cement himself as a consistent elite player but injuries hit ellsbury again if healthy Ellsbury provides great defense with 40-50 stolen bases to go with his 25 plus hr power.
40 Cliff Lee- Lee has a hard luck year he a good era 3.16 and struck out 207 batters but the Phillies couldn’t score runs for him and he only won 6 games Lee is a low 90’s pitcher with a good cutter and still has great command Lee could be 15 game winner if the Phillies offense bounces back

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Top 100 players in baseball

21 Gio Gonzalez – Was traded from the A’s to the National’s  and finished second in the N.L Cy young ballot going 21-8 with a 2.89 era with 207 strike outs in 199.1 innings Gio has a fastball that can reach 95mph and his 2 min strike out pitches are his curveball and changeup Gio’s strike out rate has gone up while his era has gone down the last 3 years and even though the Nationals have the immensely talented Stephen Strasburg in the rotation Gio is still an ace and a C.Y Young candidate
22 C.C Sabathia- C.C has been worth every penny the Yankees have paid him since they signed him in free agency he is a work horse he did miss some starts last year and got minimal procedures done to his elbow so he should be fine, C.C still pitched 200 innings last year and the last 2 years his strike out rate has gone up expect another 230 innings 200k era in the low 3s to go with 18 plus wins for C.C this year.
23 Evan Longoria When healthy Evan Longoria is one of the best third basemen offensively and defensively in baseball the Rays need Longoria in the lineup with Justin Upton leaving they need Evan’s offense and defense if they want to win the A.L East

24 Craig Kimbrell- Kimbrell has been dominant since he has come into the majors saving more than 40 plus games each season to go with his incredible strikeout rate that he has put up coming out of the bullpen.
25 Cole Hamels-On a staff with CY Young  award winners in Roy Halliday and Cliff Lee  Cole Hamels was the Phillies best pitcher last year winning a career high 17 games and striking out a career high 216 batters and got a huge extension expect Hamels and his great change up to still dominate hitters this year.
26 Matt Cain- Is the new ace of the Sanfrancisco Giants his strikeout rate has gone up the last 3 seasons and his era has gone down the last 3 season he could easily be a 20 game winner if the giants could score more runs for him he is a fastball change up and sharp curveball pitcher who pitchers over 200 innings every year and delivers a ton of quality starts.
27 Yadier Molina- Has always been an amazing defensive catcher thrown out almost 45 % of base runners who have tried to steal on him but last season he had his best offensive season hitting .315 With 22 hrs. And driving 76 rbi’s he is also a great team leader.

28 Mariano Rivera –The greatest closer of all time had a terrible acl injury that ended his season before that he was  pitching great this will be his last season so I expect a 40 save low 2 era from the great Rivera

29 Derek Jeter- Like his teammate Mariano Rivera injuries have ended Jeter’s season but he will be ready come opening day while some may say Jeter’s defense is a liability to the Yankees,Jeter is still a  dangerous hitter who should hit over .300 and have over 200 hits this year.
30 Johnny Cueto- The ace of the reds Cueto won a career high 19 games and had 2.78 era Cueto has a fastball he can get up to  97 mph and one of the best change ups in the game don’t be surprised if he wins 20 games this year.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Top 100 players in baseball

11 David Price was the A.L Cy young award winner as he has his first 20 win season the tall lefty is a power pitcher regularly throwing his fastball in the mid 90’s to go along with a cutter and slider and a changeup he is now the unquestioned ace of the Rays staff now that James Shields is gone and price is still improving.

12 Mike Trout took the A.L by storm last year as he was 2nd in A.L mvp voting behind Miguel Cabrera he can do anything on the field he was a 30-hr 30 sb in his first full year in the majors and provided plenty of highlight reel catches and lead the A.L in runs scored the sky is the limit to how great Trout can be.

13 Jered Weaver has been on the best pitchers in the A.L over the last few years his strike out have gone down the last few years but so has his walks Weaver has an unusual deliver and that makes his 90 mph fastball look faster than it is and he has a devastating slider which is his strike out pitch Weaver won 20 games last year and he should again reach those totals and be in discussion for A.L cy young

14 Prince Fielder Like Pujos Prince switched leagues but he had a more successful transition hitting in big Comerica park he hit  .300 30 hrs and 100 rbi’s in his first year in the A.L  but prince is more than just a hr hitter he can hit to all fields and he should have an even bigger year this season.

15 Albert Pujols After dominating the N.L for so many years Albert wen to the A.l and had a down year for his standards as he hit.285 30 hrs and drove in 105 runs while adjusting to a new league Albert should have a bounce back and hit in the over .300 while going back to being a 35 plus homerun player.
16 Jose Bautista had surgery on his left wrist  which ended his season but Bautista has been one of the best power hitters in the A.L this year if healthy he should be one of the league leaders in hrs
17 Adrian Beltre Has become a better hitter as he got into his 30’s as he has averaged 32 hrs the last 3 years to go with over 100 rbi’s every year to go along with his gold glove caliber defense.
18 Ginarcarlo Stanton might have the most untapped raw power out of any hitter in baseball at only 23 he has already had 2 season with hitting 34 hrs or more and he is steadily improving wouldn’t surprise anyone if he hits over 40 hrs this season.
19 Andrew Mccutchen is one of the most exciting players in baseball is a great centerfielder and his power has increased every year since he has been in the majors he could easily be a 30 hr 30 sb player this year.
20 Troy Tulowitzki had an injury plagued 2012 but if healthy he is the best short stop in baseball has 30 hr power with the ability to hit 0ver .300 to go along with his amazing range and cannon arm at short stop.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Top 100 baseball players heading into the 2013 season

 Top 100 baseball players heading into the 2013 season
1 Miguel Cabrera has arguable been the best hitter in baseball since 2007 and in 2012 he had his best season ever hitting for the triple crown and winning his first mvp Cabrera has averaged 36 hrs. and 118 rbi’s while hitting over .320 the last 4 years he is in the prime of his career and scary thing for a.l pitchers he might be getting better.
2 Justin Verlander is the best and most dominant pitcher in baseball with a fast ball that can reach 100mph and has a great curve ball and a good circle change up and is a workhorse has averaged 19 wins 244 strikeouts while pitching 238 innings the last 4 years he gets stronger when he pitches deeper in the games.
3 Ryan Braun has had some ped allegations surrounding him nothing less Braun is one of the best players in baseball he is an all-around player he has hit 74 hrs and stolen 63 bases the last 2 years while still being a gold glove outfielder the 2011 NL Mvp should be in the race for mvp again this year.
4 Josh Hamilton got an monster deal this offseason from the Angels the 2010 A.L Mvp struck out a career high 162 times last year and has seen his average drop since his mvp season he is still a feared hitter as he hit 43 hrs to go along with driving in 128 rbi’s in a lineup with Mike Trout Albert Pujols and Mark Trumbo expect another monster season from Josh.
5 Robinson Cano The Yankees have plenty of big names and future hall of fames on the team but Cano is by far the best player on the team he has perhaps the prettiest swing in baseball his power numbers have increased over the last 2 years while still hitting over .300 and he is a gold glove 2nd basemen with a great arm.
6 Joey Votto had an injury filled 2012 season but he has fully recovered and he is an great all around first basemen he is a great fielder hits for a high average and is a 30 hr. guy expect Votto to hit around .325 30 plus hrs and drive in more than 100 rbi’s.
7 Matt Kemp was second in mvp voting in 2011 and at the start of 2012 it5 looked like he was well on his way to winning the mvp as he hit 10 hrs in April but injuries derailed his monster start of the season but Kemp should be healthy and he has great speed power and is a gold glove centerfielder and hits for a high average he has a great chance of joining the 40 homeruns -40 stolen bases club this year.
8 Buster Posey Was the N.L Mvp last year and  has already been a member of 2 world series championship teams at 25 he will only get better as he already is a catcher who can hit for high average has power and is a great catcher and is in charge of one of the best rotations in baseball.
9 Clayton Kershaw Might be the best left hand pitcher in baseball he has a 92- 95 mph fastball and can reach 98 mph at times and has a great curveball and already has won a CY young and if the dodgers can score runs for him he should be in contention to win another CY young award this year.
10 Felix Hernandez Pitched a perfect game last year and he has a new 7 year 175 million dollar contract King Felix has a great arsenal of pitches mid 90’s fastball great curve and good change up to go with excellent command if the Mariners could score runs for him his win totals would be even higher but even without the wins King Felix is one of the most dominant pitchers in baseball.